Customer support is fundamental. We stay with our clients every step of the way for the entire life-cycle of the business relationship and beyond.


Technical support is an integral part of Waypoint's DNA. We listen to our clients in order to strengthen the business relationship and to guarantee success of service. With our site technicians and NOC we have you covered from installation to maintenance and continuity of service. Whether you’re  a personal user or a corporate account we will assist you to make sure your user experience is a positive one. Our qualified staff is on call 24/7 and ready to trouble shoot whatever issues you may have.    

"Feel the commitment"! 


With technical support your IT staff and other critical operational centers can get:

- Telephone access to our communications specialists for answers to product-specific and task-oriented questions about everything- from installation to operation of currently supported products.

- Telephone and email access to our site managers running operations locally on all our projects.

- Personal account assistance for technical and billing issues.