Enterprise Backhaul


Corporations will continue to add more data to the cloud as progress moves all organizations into the future. Throughput and network reliability are and will remain crucial factors in a companies communications strategy. Often a corporations infrastructure spans city blocks or miles in rural areas. These organizations need a wireless solution from a single source which can connect all their assets. 


Enterprise Backhaul by Waypoint offers a complete solution that allows you to deploy custom shaped networks by easily mixing point-to-point, point-to-multipoint and mesh technologies. Our wireless technicians will design the network around your needs and requirements.


Our solutions are base on Open Source technology allowing you to cut network operating costs significantly. WiMAX 4G allows you to create a wireless network which saves money on the heavy construction of trenching, wiring, and lifecycle maintenance. It is true non-line of sight unlike wi-fi systems, making signal interference equal to zero.


Waypoint is RIPE certified and operates from its proprietary 24/7 NSOC. Our Teleport is trusted by the U.S. and other Government Agencies from around the world. Thanks to our AES encryption at 512bit, your data is “safe and sound” in the securest environment available, backed by an unrivaled transmission protocol.