4G Network Franchise


Empowering developing nation communities and their business driven citizens, to become self-sufficient in communications by providing them with the necessary knowledge, software, and hardware, is key to future global stability.


The “4ALL” 4G Network Franchise by WaypointS enables a local community member to become an entrepreneur who offers a viable internet service and helps stimulate sustainable community growth. By partnering with Waypoint you receive an all-inclusive kit through our micro financing program and a world of ISP knowledge for WiMAX 4G networks. We help you grow your business every step of the way by offering qualified onsite personnel during implementation and start-up, our out-of-the-box proprietary software management system, and 24/7 monitoring and customer help desk. 


The "Network Kit" is cost friendly due to its "pay as you go" nature backed by micro financing. The kit is all-inclusive meaning you receive a series of services that would normally be cost instensive. The system can be powered by portable solar panels and runs on open source licenses, helping the entrepreneur save a great deal on  operating costs.


Waypoint is RIPE certified and operates from its proprietary 24/7 NOC. Our Teleport is trusted by the U.S. and other Government Agencies from around the world.


Thanks to our AES encryption at 512bit, your customers can operate online in the securest environment available, backed by an unrivaled transmission protocol. Quality video, voice, and data speeds with almost zero throughput latency give your business a competitive edge.