4G that supports your organization.

Our reliable 4G solutions ensure the integrity and continuity of your mission in the most challenging environments around the globe.

We help NGO's meet their short and long term communication goals by offering them a cost effective and versitile platform, giving them the capability of adapting to future change management within the organization:


  • Field workers can set up emergency communication hubs and cellular centers in minutes.

  • Management offices can connect with voice and data in real time to field operators.
  • "NGO Ready" is a turnkey solution centered around cost effectiveness because "budgets matter". To ensure your organization will be able to save money without compromising quality we have put together an agile platform which can be tailored to specific needs both in pre and post sales phases. We have concentrated our efforts on the following cost centers:
  • Electrical Power - All hardware needs power to run. In remote locations this can be particularly challenging and often unreliable. We offer our clients "Pepermint Energy" low cost, high quality solar solutions.
  • Internet Satellite bandwidth is more expensive than fiber optic connectivity. We have created special NGO incentives with our provider partners making it more cost friendly NGO's to operate. In addition to bandwidth convenience we use 4G as our "last mile" solution for network distribution.This ensures a large coverage area of up to 70 miles with one base station and wireless connections cutting the costs of sub networks involved in standard market solutions.
  • Cellular Network - Having cell phone access in areas where it is not otherwise available is simply powerful. Our "Open BTS" Solution by "Range Networks" guarantees there are no license fee's ever! It can be set up quickly with high efficiency and reliable operating parameters and is supported by our professional backhauling services. Increase mobility, safety, response time, and overall productivity.