UN Remote Missions


The UN is continually involved in peace keeping missions around the world and plays a fundamental role in the balance of geopolitical affairs. Often personnel are allocated to remote and challenging areas of the globe to ensure a presence of civil order. Communications play a mission critical role in order to meet objectives.


Waypoint has been a provider of robust and high speed internet to UN and ISAF contingencies for the last decade, giving us an unparalleled experience forged in adverse conditions and upon which all customers can draw meaningful advantages.

Set up VSAT Hubs in minutes and reliable cellular networks for field offices and mission operating centers. Use our WiMAX 4G “last mile” services for man camps and operator facilities.

Waypoint has a 24/7 NOC and Data Security network that is trusted by top level government contractors around the world.


Our solutions are base on Open Source technology allowing you to cut network operating costs significantly. WiMAX 4G allows you to create a wireless network which saves money on the heavy construction of trenching, wiring, and lifecycle maintenance. It is true non-line of sight unlike wi-fi systems, making signal interference equal to zero. 


Waypoint is RIPE certified and operates from its proprietary 24/7 NOC. Our Teleport is trusted by the U.S. and other Government Agencies from around the world.

Thanks to our AES encryption at 512bit, U.N. personnel can operate online in the securest environment available, backed by an unrivaled transmission protocol. Quality video, voice, and data speeds with almost zero throughput latency seal the deal. Many U.N. staff members from all ranks have told us time and time again, “the internet speed feels like I am back at home”!