Military Remote Missions


Large contingencies with fully mission capable airfields plus all support operations necessitate vast grounds. They require a service that is able to offer high speed wireless internet over a large coverage area while maintaining a responsible budget.


Our WiMAX 4G technology is the best “last mile” solution the market has to offer. We have designed our services to contain costs while offering professional support and communications expertise. WiMAX is ideal for rugged environments and our hardware solutions require very little electricity. With WiMAX 4G a single antenna can cover a 10 mile radius or more using frequencies that do not disturb military protocols. A base station and fully functional internet service can be set up in any remote condition within 24 hours.


Our solutions are base on Open Source technology allowing you to cut network operating costs significantly. WiMAX 4G allows you to create a wireless network which saves money on the heavy construction of trenching, wiring, and lifecycle maintenance. It is true non-line of sight unlike wi-fi systems, making signal interference equal to zero. 


Waypoint is RIPE certified and operates from its proprietary 24/7 NOC. Our Teleport is trusted by the U.S. and other Government Agencies from around the world.

Thanks to our AES encryption at 512bit, military personnel can operate online in the securest environment available, backed by an unrivaled transmission protocol. Quality video, voice, and data speeds with almost zero throughput latency seal the deal. Many military staff from all ranks have told us time and time again, “the internet speed feels like I am back at home”!