Business Continuity

Business continuity


Corporations are adding more and more data to the cloud as we move into the future. Data backup and security is crucial to an organizations risk management strategy.

They need a trusted partner who offers a server farm with secure data storage parameters and a “ready to use” satellite internet connection as a contingency solution to fiber optics damage.


Wireless backup solutions from Waypoint give your business communications network an immediate, cost-effective, alternate connection in the event that your primary landline network connection is lost.


These solutions can help you:

 - Protect your business from costly disruptions.

 - Stay connected to the Internet as well as private voice and data networks when wired connections are unavailable.

 - Continue serving customers and generate revenue, even during a primary access   outage.

 - Ensure reliable backup or extend network coverage for business locations, including   branch offices, retail stores, warehouses, banks or mall outlets.

We monitor your network circuit for a small standing charge and if a network interruption should occur you pay as you go. 


Our solutions are based on Open Source allowing you to significantly cut network operating costs. WiMAX 4G allows you to create a wireless network which saves money on the heavy construction of trenching, wiring and life-cycle maintenance. It is true non-line of sight unlike wi-fi systems, making signal interference equal to zero.


Waypoint is RIPE certified and operates from its proprietary 24/7 NSOC. Our Teleport is trusted by the U.S. and other Government Agencies from around the world.

Thanks to our AES encryption at 512bit, your data is “safe and sound” in the securest environment available, backed by an unrivaled transmission protocol.