4G Last Mile




WiMAX 4G is at the core of our business. We have been operating this technology since 2004 and with over a decade of experience, Waypoint is a communications partner you can trust to deliver an extremely reliable and cost effective network solution.



Why WiMAX:

There are a number of advantages WiMAX offers; moreover the most important is the combination of low cost and flexibility. WiMAX broadband networks can be quickly built at relatively low cost by installing few wireless base stations providing coverage to the surrounding area with multifunctional application: high-speed Internet, telephone service, voice and data transfer, and video applications.

WiMAX enables high-speed voice and data transfer over long distances in remote and scarcely populated areas, as well as in densely populated areas. The wireless connectivity is not affected by the weather conditions and does not need direct line in order to work; it allows real access to end users through its own infrastructure.

WiMAX products benefit service providers using their existing infrastructure investments as WiMAX has the ability to interoperate across various network types. It can leverage existing infrastructure, keeping costs down while delivering the bandwidth needed to support current system.

WiMAX offers potential for development, new applications and opportunities. WiMAX is the technology of choice to offer both fixed and mobile applications.

With WiMAX changing over to LTE is a just a matter of changing firmware, this means your organization is flexible and ready to meet the changes the market will inevitably bring.