VSAT Internet




Our VSAT systems provide high speed, broadband satellite communications for Internet or private network communications. VSAT is ideal for such uses as large file transfers, video transmissions, emergency backup communications and remote Internet connectivity.


VSAT is an excellent way to connect remote offices, camp sites or mobile oilfield crews and media vans to provide Internet connectivity for a video transmission, Voice over IP telephone services, or to send or receive data for your business operations. Waypoint’s VSAT services provide shared (TDMA) or dedicated (SCPC) bandwidth at variable speeds from 64 Kbps to multi-Mbps.

With 1.7 million VSAT terminals worldwide, the satellite broadband market serves enterprises, government authorities and consumers in areas where it remains the optimal and sometimes only solution for accessing a high-speed network.

A VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal) is a two-way satellite ground station with antennas up to 3 meters. Most VSAT antennas range from 90 cm to 1.2 m. Bandwidth typically ranges from 64 Kbit/s up to 4 Mbit/s.

VSAT uses geostationary satellites offering virtual global coverage. Communication is possible between remote earth stations (terminals) to a master earth station called “hub” (in star configurations) or to other terminals in the group (in mesh configurations).

VSAT service enables small terminals to benefit from always-on broadband connectivity. In addition to supplying a single work station or a local network, Waypoint can serve Wi-Fi hot spots or power line networks.

VSATs are available for use on fixed, transportable and on-the-move locations