Corporate Global Network




Connect remote offices and infrastructure to your global corporate network and allow decision makers and staff to have the advantage of constant access to change and progress of distant operations. 


Connect users to the internet or other networks wirelessly and link devices to otherwise inaccessible networks. Configure Wi-Fi and VPN network settings, and provision device profiles containing user credentials for access.

Allow employees to remotely and wirelessly access corporate resources
Secure connections to corporate networks
Work uninterrupted with automatic connection

Wi-Fi Profiles
Enable employees to automatically connect to corporate Wi-Fi networks without user interaction. Waypoint allows you to configure Wi-Fi profiles to download automatically or on-demand to user devices. Wi-Fi profiles can be assigned based on user group, location within a defined geo-fence or time of day. For example, if employees should only be accessing Wi-Fi during defined business hours, Waypoint enables IT administrators to set that restriction.

VPN Profiles
Allow employees to connect to enterprise VPN networks on their mobile devices without user interaction. Waypoint enables IT administrators to push VPN profiles automatically or on-demand and assign based on user group, location or time of day. For example, IT administrators can set a defined geo-fence for a VPN profile to be active. When the employee leaves the geo-fence border they no longer have automatic access to the VPN network.

VPN On-demand
Waypoint also provides the ability to provision a VPN profile to devices to automatically configure access to corporate networks and file systems. Our advanced VPN On Demand capability allows mobile users to securely access specific websites through a VPN tunnel. This process is invisible and seamless to the user, allowing them to continue working without interruptions.