Our services are professional, cost efficient, and reliable. By adapting to Industry Best Practices we are ready for your greatest communication challenges.


Waypoint is a satellite communications integrator, focused in the provision and support of solutions that enable our customers to communicate anywhere on the planet. Incorporated in 2000, ICLoS has grown consistently and profitably through its young founders and their “pioneering spirit”. Our success has come through innovative and dynamic turn-key communications solutions for military, oil and gas, mining, and emergency response markets. Our flexibility to custom design solutions and integrate various satellite communications technologies for customer and industry specific needs, sets us apart from the competition.

We have been actively involved in MWR for NATO/UN Military bases since the founding of the company supporting worldwide operations in peace keeping missions.

Waypoint provides a suite of mobile and stationary satellite communications solutions for voice and data. These solutions improve communications and business operations which help our customers to reduce costs, expedite operational results and improve safety conditions for their field staff. Regardless of your location in the field, land or sea, Waypoint can provide solutions for your voice and data communications.

Our Staff is trained internally to comply with the highest industry standards while specializing in point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, bidirectional satellite connections, VSAT, and indoor/outdoor WiMax networks.

Varifying our customer’s needs and creating innovative and dependable solutions is at the core of our business.

Already a leader in supplying Internet connection services to NATO/UN Military Bases, Waypoint is now broadening its horizons by introducing a suite of advanced services to public and private companies. Now companies that have branches or field operations in remote areas will have access to an array of competitive solutions enabling their operations to be successful in isolated and undeveloped regions where communication infrastructures are missing or inadequate.


The Waypoint  IT - Department

All platforms are operated and maintained by Waypoint technical staff. All technicians are highly trained and qualified. Every side of the entire technology infrastructure is constantly monitored and all intervention, in case of failure or malfunction of the system, is almost immediate and highly effective, allowing Waypoint to achieve the uptime percentage equal to or above 99.6% per year.