Service Provider

Empowering Remote Communities.

With our “4ALL” ISP Package we give local entrepreneurs the knowledge and tools they need to start up their own ISP company, by leveraging our knowledge and consolidated experience and providing financial assistance.

Our start-up kit comes complete with all the hardware, software, and equipment the inspiring Internet Provider will need to start their own business. Set up time runs from 1 week to 4 weeks, during which we train the business owner in WiMAX 4G technology and network monitoring.

After this period we do hands on training for modem and network configuration, patching, routing, and 1st level maintenance trouble shooting and problem solving techniques.

Commercial management of your business is free, as partnering with Waypoint means, you have full access to our Software Management system. Before you go live with real business transactions we run commercial scenarios to train you how to successfully operate the software, helping you to keep business flowing.

4ALL means we are successful together, this is why Waypoint goes above and beyond expectations in order to guarantee an enduring business relationship and ensure outstanding results.

Empowering Remote Communities.