Waypoint is a reliable communications partner for all your remote site needs. We have a proven track record with Industrial and Military clients who run their operations in and around the globes most austere environments.
You can trust Waypoint to be there for you when you need it most. This is why we have perfected our customer service over the years in order to enhance our clients experience so that they can feel the dedication which we bring to each and every job.
Both the Middle East and Africa have local providers in some areas, however, the "Last Mile" signal distribution is still an enormous challenge for local ISPs even if they are under the umbrella of a world famous provider. Numerous challenges must be overcome in order for these local ISPs to offer a reliable service which meets the standards that Western customers are accustomed to receiving. These challenges, just to name a few, can be:
-Stable and continuous electrical current with contingency "power failure strategies"
-Knowledge of bandwidth shaping over a satellite connection
-The application of valid, military standard, data security levels
-Knowledge and strategical alliances with Tier 1 internet providers
This is why Waypoint represents a true added value partner for all your remote site communications needs. With over 15 years of experience we guarantee the highest operational standards in the communications industry.