Reliable high-speed internet is a mission critical objective to all projects especially those in remote and hostile environments.

Our fast broadband satellite internet will ensure your company’s communication standards are met worldwide. Our technical team works 24/7 to ensure a monthly average of 99.5% up time while delivering high end voice, data and video via satellite to any location on the globe. Dependable high performance data transfer is guaranteed through the Waypoint Network as qualified staff can custom design local WiMax Arrays and implement them with respect to even the most demanding project timeframes.

Waypoint is an autonomous Internet Service Provider and RIPE registered which guarantees our clients receive quality connectivity which is monitored at our NOSC. Our success providing High Speed Satellite Internet worldwide is based on premium quality of infrastructure, a custom tailored approach to every client, skill strength of our personnel, proven and innovative global satellite Internet technologies such as:

Deterministic TDMA and DVB-S2/ACM backed up by highly competitive pricing. Waypoint provides both SCPC (single channel per carrier) and TDMA (Time Division Multiple Access) network services anywhere in the world through our strategic partnerships.