Reliable Global Satellite Internet.

As technology bridges the global divide the number of companies operating in developing nations is increasing exponentially. Industrial and commercial operations in challenging environments require rugged ready" solutions which emphasize versatility, resilience, and reliability.

All three of these qualities are intentionally designed into our high-speed internet and next generation telecommunications, to guarantee corporate-wide operability for daily data flow, governance, security, monitoring, and overall productivity. Corporate Use: Waypoint internet speeds meet broadband standards so that remote users feel like they are working from a main office. Corporate web applications run smoothly, while voice, video, and data flow in real-time without lag making work more productive, energetic, and satisfying. Staff Morale: Anyone who has worked in remote and challenging conditions will tell you that steady video chat with family, streaming movies and live television, and online gaming all help to increase the corporate personnel morale, contributing greatly to a safer and more productive work environment.