Internet that improves budget posture.

Satellite Internet is crucial in maintaining healthy morale levels for missions in harsh and remote environments.

Waypoint helps leading world governments, operating in developing nations, meet their telecommunications needs with reliable high-speed satellite internet.


Governments are key players involved in worldwide peacekeeping missions, security, and reconstruction operations. As the future global community consolidates these operations will continue to intensify, demanding better technology and more agile platforms to facilitate budgets which will come under greater scrutiny.  Waypoint is ready to leverage its extensive experience in satellite internet services in order to accommodate the most challenging operations and ensure cost efficiency.


Our WiMAX 4G technology makes deployment and ongoing connectivity affordable while preserving high-end data speeds and QoS. We make it possible to have a large coverage range with a minimal amount of hardware and equipment, and by using open source we are able to cut all license fees and increase data security levels.


WiMAX 4G is the choice of excellence among “last mile” solutions due to its extensive coverage range, reliability, and data carrier versatility since it can be transformed into LTE through firmware modifications. It guarantees stable high speed wireless internet both with a satellite downlink connection or a fiber optic node connection.


We have Satellite Internet solutions for:

  • Government Field Offices
  • Contractor Facilities/Temporary Housing 
  • Forward Operating Bases
  • Large Military Bases
  • Military Compounds

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