Waypoint has the global strategic alliances necessary to deliver versatile, dependable, and quality telecommunication services to any of your operations worldwide. Over 15 years of experience and 24/7 customer support with local onsite personnel ...


Internet that improves budget posture.

Satellite Internet is crucial in maintaining healthy morale levels for missions in harsh and remote environments.

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4G that supports your organization.

Our reliable 4G solutions ensure the integrity and continuity of your mission in the most challenging environments around the globe.

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Reliable Global Satellite Internet.

As technology bridges the global divide the number of companies operating in developing nations is increasing exponentially. Industrial and commercial operations in challenging environments require rugged ready" solutions which emphasize versatility, resilience, and reliability.

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Service Provider

Empowering Remote Communities.

With our “4ALL” ISP Package we give local entrepreneurs the knowledge and tools they need to start up their own ISP company, by leveraging our knowledge and consolidated experience and providing financial assistance.

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